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School Wrap!


Since 1997, over 300 schools nation-wide have started Rock and Wrap it Up! School Programs to empower students to recover food and other assets from their schools. Snack Wrap! encourages elementary school students to donate their unopened sealed manufactured packaged snacks to children in after school programs, shelters and pantries.  Middle and High School students are encouraged to participate in non-perishable drives and the recovery of perishable food from their school cafeterias that have been prepared and not sold or served.  The Rock and Wrap it Up! School Program program was introduced jointly at the 1997 Presidents Summit on Volunteerism in Philadelphia with the US Department of Agriculture.


We first identify agencies that are in the position to recover food that is prepared but not served or sold.  We like to meet with the Principals and sometimes the school guidance departments. The majority of schools require community service hours for clubs, honor societies and graduation.   Our school program offers the fulfillment of this requirement, coupled with the support of local agencies that fight hunger and poverty. School collections are encouraged and include: food, baby items, toiletries, backpacks, all items each agency needs. In many NY area schools, recovery containers are provided through our partnership with the NY Mets. This signature program of RWU generates thousands of snacks for agencies at no cost.

Snack Wrap!

Snack Wrap! is a simple and easy program. Students can donate unwanted manufactured, wrapped and sealed snacks at lunchtime to the Rock and Wrap It Up! Recycle Box provided. In addition to the daily program, students can designate a specific day for the collection of an extra wrapped and sealed snack that could be added to the Snack Wrap! Program. Each week, these snacks are collected and distributed to local childcare programs, after-school community center programs, pantries or shelters for distribution to children in need.

The revenue generated by not having to pay for these snacks can be used by the agency to acquire services that they might not otherwise be able to afford. These services can be extra tutors, social workers and other services that can help kids in need.

Through this simple program, we are educating children and raising the awareness of recycling and greening our environment by not discarding food into our landfills, but instead, feeding those in need.

College Wrap and Give and Go Green!

Many students have taken the RWU program from their schools to their colleges, recovering food and participating in the Give and Go Green! Recovery Program. The Give and Go Green! recovery program recovers assets (bedding, furniture, appliances, clothing, toiletries and non-perishable food) from dorm rooms at the end of the year and donations are made to local poverty-fighting agencies.

Our College Wrap! programs work with the Offices of Sustainability and the Residential Life Department on each campus. Many schools now encourage the donation of all student assets generated from dorm rooms and apartments.  These donations also reduce carting fees for the universities while servicing benefits families in crisis.

College Wrap! Works with More than a Dozen Universities and Colleges Including:

  • Barnard College
  • Columbia University
  • CW Post University
  • Dowling College
  • Five Towns College
  • University of Florida
  • Fordham University
  • Penn State
  • UCLA
  • Texas at Austin University
  • University of Southern California (USC)
  • Yale University

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Gift Wrap! RWU Store

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Gift Wrap! is a store front where you can purchase items to support the mission of Rock and Wrap It Up! We offer exciting framed cartoon cels, certificates of appreciation signed by famous musicians and sports stars, and occasionally unique signed collectibles. Find a gift here for a graduation, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, birthday or anniversary. All proceeds help to feed the hungry.


Hungerpedia is a resource which matches agencies-in-need with donors of food and other assets. Click Here to Find Agencies In Need in your area.

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