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Want to help save the planet & feed people in need from your event?  We thought so.  
On the right is our Food Donation One Sheet (PDF format).  Download this PDF for the simple steps to help others.  
To find an agency in the area of your event that is already vetted for food pickup, search the spreadsheet below to connect.  If there isn't an agency listed in your area, contact Diane Mandelbaum for us to locate the proper agency.
Our Feed the Veterans project uses the Hungerpedia database as well!
Wasn't that easy?  And we bet you feel good, too
If you're an agency wishing to be part of our Hungerpedia database, please click here and complete the form.

To search the Hungerpedia database, you can either use the Ctrl-F search function and enter your search, or scroll down and across using the navigation sliders.

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