Veterans' Toolkit

The Veterans Toolkit provides veterans with food, education, employment and other resources available to them.  The website page includes a downloadable PDF file as well as an online searchable database.




Hungerpedia is our North American database of vetted organizations that pickup and serve food (as well as feminine products through our Hannah's Project initiative).  This database is searchable within this website and will help you locate a local agency with whom you can work regarding your food donations.

Whole Earth Calculator


The Whole Earth Calculator is a mobile web based calculator that converts lbs of food donated into meals served, landfill diverted, with the ability to socially share that information immediately.  It also has calculators for composting, paper and plastic.  These calculators are located in this website.

2020 Food Recovery Calculator.png

School Lesson Plans


For middle and high school teachers, the Whole Earth Calculator Climate Literacy Lesson Plans use the Calculator to help teach sustainability within the context of their favorite local sports team or musical group.  A sample lesson using as the example the New York Yankees is available, and can be downloaded by clicking on the image on the right (or below on your mobile browser).