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Project It's a Wrap

In 2016, It's a Wrap has donated over 38,000 lbs of food, serving 31,000 meals & diverting 20,000 lbs CO2e from landfills. (data from Whole Earth Calculator)

Project: It's A Wrap!

Rock and Wrap It Up!’s Project: It’s A Wrap! has reached its 20th year recovering prepared but not served food from Film and TV production sets.


It’s A Wrap! has grown immensely. In its 20th year, Rock and Wrap It Up! is currently recovering food from 56 different productions.  These productions include TV series, feature films, and talk-shows with locations including, but not limited to, Los Angeles, Portland, Atlanta, Boston and New York.  Rock and Wrap It Up! is happy to announce our 20th year working with the entertainment industry, garnering partnerships with productions at NBCU, Warner Brothers, SONY, ABC, Disney, Netflix, HBO, Showtime, It’s A Laugh Productions, New Line Productions, and Peach Tree Cinema.

Mardi Bra
Hannah's Project

We have launched a program for at-risk teens and women called Hannah's Project to help these women maintain dignity during their periods and have access to the products they need. 


We sensitize the public to the dire need of the lack of feminine hygiene products by shelters, soup kitchens and pantries. It is the #1 item after food we are asked for across North America. The solution could be as simple as asking every woman to buy one extra box each month and donate it.

This effort spotlights the needs of anti-poverty agencies across North America. These products, unfortunately, are not covered by food stamps - SNAP (Supplemental Assistance Program). We are also working to remove the tax on these basic items.

Hannah's Project logo April 2019.jpg
Feed the Veterans
Feed the Veterans

We have developed databases of programs across the United States that feed the hungry. We work with veteran agencies such as the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars to connect these services with caregivers and information providers who work with veterans and their families. 

This program works to offer and share our national food pantry/soup kitchen database, Hungerpedia, into the hands of veterans, their care-givers and national agencies who advocate for veterans and their families. There is no cost and it is available for free on our website. It also incentivizes passage of the new State Food Donation Act to put more food into the pipeline to feed more Americans who hunger in our country. 


Our vets served the country, now let’s serve them!

Sports Wrap!
Sports Wrap!

Seventy four sports franchises in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and MSL have partnered with Rock and Wrap It Up! to participate in Sports Wrap! Food that is prepared but not sold from home games concessions is recovered to feed the indigent.  We work with Delaware North, Centerplate, Aramark, Legends and Levy Concessionaire. We helped the NHL encourage all of their teams participate in food donation. 

Music Wrap!
Music Wrap!

Since 1994, over 160 touring bands include a stipulation in their contract requiring that food that is prepared but not served be donated to feed the local hungry and avoid landfills. We have been recovering food since 1991 from the Jones Beach Concert Theater.

We meet with Band management and they are encouraged to both green their tour and put Rock and Wrap It Up! in their contract language.

In 2017, Bon Jovi, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Def Leppard have joined us for their tours. We are piloting a national program with Live Nation to ramp up to recovering food from 40+ arenas.

Postcard given out at 2017 RWU Music Wrap Booth at Jones Beach.

Hospital Wrap!
Hospital Wrap!

Starting in Yale New Haven Medical Center, Hospital Wrap! has expanded to 4 hospitals. Food recovery is coordinated by anti-poverty agencies. Started in New Haven CT, it has expanded to Dallas TX with dozens of new hospital to come on board this year.
We have been in contact with Touchpoint, a division of Compass Foods, and together we are working to have a pilot in one of their hospitals in Chicago. We currently have 5 hospitals

Hotel/Conference Wrap!
Conference Wrap!

The Marriott, Sofitel, Grand Hyatt and Langham hotel chains are partnering to donate toilet paper, tissue boxes, shampoo, conditioner and unopened soaps to keep them out of landfill.  We identify those Hotels wanting to further green their properties and partner them with local agencies.

We have added the Waldorf Astoria and Essex House to our recovery partners and will be adding additional high end hotels in the coming months. Over 20 hotels participate in our hotel asset recovery program.


We have partnered with regional and national conferences such as Connect Marketplace, Religious Conference Management Association and Empire State Society of Association Executives to collect prepared but not served food and deliver it to those in need. 

School Wrap!
School Wrap!

Since 1997, over 200 schools nation-wide have started Rock and Wrap it Up! School and Snack Wrap! Programs to empower administration and students to recover food and other assets from their schools.  We identify and vet agencies that are in the position to recover food and assets. Increase food recovery potential by introduction of the Whole Earth Calculator and lesson plans.

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