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Rock and Wrap It Up! is launching an updated Whole Earth Calculator in 2020.  The Food Recovery Calculator component of the WEC is on this page.  Enter the lbs of food to be donated in the box on the form and hit Submit, and results on meals served, Greenhouse Gases (ghg) diverted from landfills and water sustainability appear immediately 

Using EPA datasets and based on information from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and USDA guidelines, the Whole Earth Calculator converts the total pounds of paper products and plastics that are diverted from landfills into the amount of carbon dioxide that is not produced as a result, and then sends this information to social media. The tool is used extensively to convert total pounds of donated food into meal equivalents and carbon dioxide averted equivalents.  Our sincere thanks to our friends at EventMobi for helping make the calculator into the app.

The Whole Earth Calculator Supports Our Mission

Rock and Wrap It Up! was the first anti-poverty think tank to tie together food recovery and greenhouse gas emission reduction. Our mantra, reducing the poverty footprint by reducing the carbon footprint remains our goal.

Endorsed by the White House, Rock Stars, and Sports Franchises

Rock and Wrap It Up! met with the White House Council on Environmental Quality Deputy Associate Director Franz Hochstrasser at Jackson Place, next to the White House. The White House has issued a press release naming Rock and Wrap It Up! as a key partner in agricultural environmental sustainability. PCMA's Convene Magazine has highlighted this partnership.

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